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12 Things to do in the Botanical Gardens, Guyana

Here’s our list of 12 things to do in the Botanical gardens, be sure to try them all!

The Place of the Seven ponds  was erected in 1969 in honour of several of Guyana’s heroes. It is the resting place of three former presidents President Arthur Chung, President Burnham & President Hoyte, our first Guyanese governor general Sir David Rose and one of our national poets, Martin Carter.
Botanical Gardens






The Jenman Educational Centre is a historical building.

Also called the ‘Curator’s Lodge’, the centre was designed by Mr Brummell, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Botanic Gardens, and was erected in 1881.

It was the home of George Jenman and was erected not too long after the start of the development of the Botanical Gardens.

Additionally, it served as the meeting place for the Garden’s Board of Directors and also was a small warden quarters for Jenman, who was brought to layout the Botanical Gardens, and spent 34 years doing so. The building was also used as an administrative office for the Botanical Gardens for a number of years and then later converted to an education centre, which speaks specifically to environmental education.







Check out the floral falls in the botanical Gardens. This display is meant to showcase Guyana’s mountain flora in their simulated natural environment and it’s a great lesson on plants for the kids






Kids and adults alike will enjoy the petting zoo. The kids will get a chance to interact and understand more of the rich biological diversity our country possess.






Rekindle new romance or make new memories …kiss someone on the kissing bridge. It was said that this bridge was where most couples in their earlier courting days would go and stand at the top, steal a kiss and walk over for good luck.






Feed a manatee ….seriously no matter how old I get I love doing this.








Take a photo with this old fellow. He has been a familiar sight at the entrance of the zoo for decades.

 This Model of a Marine Turtle can be see at the Entrance of the Guyana Zoo along with loads of interesting info…







Chill under the bandstand (one of 3 in the country).It was established as a memorial to John Brumell, one of the directors of the gardens, who also served as a stipendiary magistrate and a sheriff in Demerara.









Check out the zoo….see and learn more about a variety of species of our fauna.








Go birdwatching. The gardens has over 300 species of birds….






Picnic | Play Games like cricket, Football. Relax and chill

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