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Who is Visit Guyana

Some of the most popular questions we receive on visit Guyana are:

  • Who are you guys?
  • Do you live in Guyana?
  • What inspired you to start the page?
  • Are you with the Government?
  • What other pages do you have
  • Apart from the Facebook page what other projects have you worked on
  • What are you guys planning for the future for Visit Guyana?

Well today we’ll be answering some of those questions just for you our fans.

Q: Who are you guys?

Chris Rahaman and Stacey RahamanThe Visit Guyana page was started by Stacey Dos Santos Rahaman and Chris Rahaman. Stacey is the holder of a BSc in computer science and in the past worked as the IT administrator for the Guyana Tourism Authority which is where the travel and tourism bug bit her and she gained a renewed love for all thing Guyanese.

Today she is the co-owner of Christa Marketing solutions based in Guyana, along with hubby Chris and has managed  the social media profiles for several companies including Banks DIH, Laparkan , Pegasus Hotel, Grand Coastal Hotel, Baganara Resort, Arrowpoint Resort, 704 sports bar and many more.

They also have two Awesome daughters, Anya (age 7 ) and Emma (Age 2)

Q: What inspired you to start the page? 

Shortly after leaving her job at the Guyana Tourism Authority, Stacey left Guyana to further her studies. While overseas she started looking for a suitable website to direct people to who constantly asked her about Info on Guyana and was shocked to see all the negativity online about Guyana. There was not one website or social media page which showcased a positive side of Guyana. The idea for visit Guyana was born.

“I remember being on my computer one night at 9 and Chris turned to me and said, “Why don’t you do something with that visit Guyana page”. I put up 2 posts and invited about 25 people and went to bed. When I woke up that number had grown to 200, by the next week we had 10,000 fans which have steadily grown to 139,000.  I was amazed. Visitors wanted to learn more about Guyana. Guyanese overseas wanted things to remind them of home. The journey to create a 100% positive space to showcase all things Guyanese had begun.

Q: Are you with the Government?

Visit Guyana is privately owned and has no Government affiliation. However we do work closely with all  tourism bodies and stakeholders in Guyana.

Q: What other Pages/websites do you have

Apart from the Visit Guyana Facebook page we also own

Q: Apart from the Facebook page what other projects have you worked on


Q: What are you guys planning for the future for Visit Guyana?

Our vision for visit Guyana has always been to do all we can to showcase “Where to visit”, Where to Eat” , “What to do?”, and “How to get there” using photos and videos. Whatever projects we work on will always be build around those four goals.

Here at VG Headquarters (AKA our living room)  we always have tons of plans and projects going on but due to limited resources it’s not always easy to get them realized. BUT…. Look out for some BIG surprises coming your way soon (think videos ..hint hint) .  That being said we both wish to thank ALL of VG’s fans. Without you guys the page won’t exist.  Keep liking, Sharing commenting and helping us to improve on this journey of  showcasing the Guyana we all love. Thanks for your continued support. Love yall.



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