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Dining at the Backyard Cafe Guyana

Dining at the Backyard Cafe Guyana

Craving a real Guyanese style fireside lunch made with all fresh, organic Ingredients? Then the place to go is the backyard Cafe Guyana.

Meet Delven Adams, Chef, Guyanese and friend to visit Guyana, actually he’s more like family. After living and working in the United states for many years, Delven tired of the long hours cooped up in the Office building where he worked as a Colour Engineer, needed change. That change came when he decided to come back “home” to Guyana.

His venture which he manages with his fiancé Malini, is the backyard café. It is exactly what the name implies…it’s a farm to table little piece of “ole time Guyanese hospitality” …located in his own backyard. It’s by no means an ordinary backyard however, it’s decked out with seating made by Delven himself covered in bold colourful fabric. Trees often heavy with fruit dangle over your head while you eat and the air always fragrant with the fresh herbs growing around you.

Always fresh at the Backyard Cafe Guyana

All his ingredients are organic, fresh picked and all his meals home cooked, often times on his fireside.
Whilst there we forgot about our endless “to do list” and enjoyed the best sorrel drink we ever had, tasty Shrimp curry, Saime and just off the fireside Fried fish. The awesome conversation about our mutual Love for Guyana just made the already great meal even better.
The chickens clucking, hammock, fresh air, good food and conversation brought back sweet memories of idle days spent at my Grandmother’s home in Canal #1. The days when garden to table was the norm, when company dropped by anytime without formal invitation just to gaff and left with a bag full of cassava and fresh fruit. The days when people liked each other instead of their posts on facebook.

Reservations only

The backyard cafe is definitely not your usual run of the mill walk in restaurant that gives you the same ole,same ole dining experience or the same ole same ole food… fact what makes it completely unique is that there’s no actual fixed menu! What you do is call, order what you’d like to eat, it’s entirely up to you, but if you can’t decide chef Delven will be happy to make suggestions from his many star dishes including his garlic fish or metemgee (eaten in a calabash of course). He then sources all the ingredients and makes everything fresh often times right in front of you. The best part of the experience apart from the food? Chef Delven of course!

Thanks Delven Adams…..for taking the time out to cook for us and showing us around your backyard and for the great memories.

Contact Delven on: 6635104

  1. This ad is interesting but it fails to give the most important piece of information……where is the back yard cafe located.
    I find that most Guyana ads assume that both Guyanese and visitors know what you writing about.
    Please correct this.
    People get very turned off if they have to do unnecessary research.

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