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Emancipation celebrations in Guyana


Emancipation Celebrations in Guyana

Fan Wilbert Denny  shared his Emancipation celebration experience with us.
Emancipation celebrations in Guyana in my opinion is definitely the best in the Caribbean. We have a very deep, comprehensive and meaningful form of celebration which is unmatched by any other Caribbean territory.

From the Swories (love feasts), the African fashion shows, drumming sessions, head wrapping expo and the pilgrimage to the Atlantic Ocean giving ‘libation’ to the dead ancestors; to the various colourful village parades. All these activities  culminate in the grand finale on every 1st August at  the Guyana National Park.

These activities are catching on and are strengthening slowly year after year. It has even surprised me to see persons of other ethnicity, donning their African outfits and jostling among the crowd of Afro Guyanese at the National Park. Our emancipation celebrations have grown beyond being an “African Thing” to a Guyanese thing that I am very proud of.

The National Park

On the First of August the National park comes alive and the feeling upon entering cannot easily be described. It’s a mix of Fun, nostalgia, hope. Families dressed from head to toe in colourful fabrics can be seen picnicking and indulging in games passed on from generation to generation.

Foodies won’t be disappointed as  various mouth watering African and Afro-Guyanese cuisine such as conkie, Pone, metemgee and boil corn are on sale. The enticing fragance from food stalls will have your tummy rumbling.

Kudos to my Guyanese people, from the Corentyne to Sanvoordt to Hopetown West B/ce , New Amsterdam, Baggotville, Georgetown and all those celebrating areas in Guyana, I say BIG UP; JAMBO!!! I really miss Emanciparion Celebrations in Guyana. It has, it is and will always be a big thing for me

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