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Emancipation in Guyana

Emancipation in Guyana

July 31, 2016

The National Park is the place to be on Emancipation Day. Celebrated on August 1st, the holiday commemorates the abolition of slavery in Guyana in 1834. The commemoration of Emancipation Day formally began on August 1, 1838.

To Capture the colour and excitement of the day was no easy task for this writer, but I tried. As we entered the National park our eyes were treated to a burst of Colourful African prints used to make dozens of unique clothing designs in all styles. The boom of the African drums and scintillating chorus of voices coming together to make sweet music made us  want to drop everything and join in the dancing. We were in awe of the ladies doing their traditional dances, hips swaying to the rhythm, each move a story, each move sharing history of traditional folklore.

Next, we moved to the head-wrap demonstrations, Nimble fingers wrapping fabric, the finished pieces a reflection of Royalty in rich hues of gold and purple. Beautiful.  Then came my favourite part.  The Taste bud tingling  food from the motherland, konkie and cook-up was a must! Bellies filled we headed over to the Exhibition tent. Filled with stunning african  paintings, Sculptures and jewlery, you won’t leave empty handed.

The celebratory mood which envelopes the atmosphere was addictive.  This is Emancipation celebration in Guyana. An exhilarating display of cultural dances, music, food and poetry. It is an event the entire family will enjoy and one not to be missed.

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