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Exploring Mashabo

Exploring Mashabo

Bored this holiday? Wish to explore Guyana but unsure of where to go? Why not visit Mashabo.
Mashabo is a small Amerindian village on the boundaries of the Ituribisi Conservancy, known fondly as the “hot and cold lake “or simply , the Ituribisi Lake. It is found on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two. The village is populated by a mixture of predominantly indigenous persons, many of whom travelled from Hinterland communities to settle at the sandy community.
So how does one reach the village?
For those in the capital city, the journey starts with a drive to Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo where the jet-boats are always ready to venture across the mighty Essequibo River, through the passage –way between the islands and onto Supenaam , the arrival port on the Essequibo Coast .
Once at Supenaam , the cars are always ready to drop-off the visitor to the village of Huist t’Dieren , one of many villages along the Essequibo Coast . There, a car will head inroad to the conservancy where boats await the traveler.
Then the reality of Mashabo’s beauty steps into view. A brief 10-15 minutes sojourn across the calm waters of the lake carries one to the sandy, lush green landscape called Mashabo. But it’s the iconic bridge which connects Mashabo to its satellite neighbor across the lake which will impress the first-time visitor. The bridge stretches 650 feet across the lake, an ideal sight for wedding photo-ups, relaxation time and just about any such activity which involves peace with the skies and the serene waters of the lake.
A walk around the community adds to the beauty of Mashabo and the hospitality of the villagers creates a lasting impression.
And the cost? …The fare to cross the Essequibo River to Supenaam is $1300. A short –drop by car to Huist t’Dieren costs approximately $400. Inward to the lake, the well-known hire –car driver Jango , charges a small $500 . Once at the lakeside, the boat captain charges a similar amount to cross the lake. The fee to tour the village? Priceless. Hence the cost per person is nothing more than $5000 and for a day trip to this tourism gem, the amount may seem too small.
Visit Mashabo sometime, the village awaits you. For those interested, contact can be made with the Toshao, Sylvin Raphael on 694-7247. Enjoy!!
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Mashabo Village

Mashabo Village
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