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Fishing in Guyana: Fishing Hotspots

It will soon become obvious to anyone Fishing in Guyana why it’s called the land of many waters what with its numerous rivers and waterways. To fishing enthusiast Guyana is known as “Big River Country”

The three main rivers are Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. The Essequibo River is South America’s third-largest with a mouth of 20 miles long and runs the entire length of Guyana. All of these rivers are teeming with fish, both familar and exotic.

There are essentially two fresh water fishing seasons in the country. The first fishing season starts from mid February to late April, while the second season begins from late August till late November.

Rapidly becoming one of the hottest Sport Fishing Destination’s in South America, Guyana was  featured on river monsters with host Jeremy Wade ending season 4 in Guyana. During that episode he called the Araparima he caught (and subsequently released) , The biggest fish of his South American fishing career!

Fish Species 

Boasting nearly 2,000 species of fish in the Amazon River, Guyana is a paradise for incredible fishing. Species include  the Arapaima ( not for trapping) , Piraiba/Lau Lau, peacock bass (considered to be the most popular Fresh Water Game Fish in the world by professional anglers worldwide) , golden dorado, payara, redtail catfish, jau catfish, Flat whisker catfish, Surubim, sunfish, Himara , Arawana, Sword fish To name a few.

Fishing hotspots

Guyana’s prime fishing locations are:

A) Essequibo River and along its tributaries below river rapids and water falls such as Rockstone, the New River Area,  Kurupukari River.

Note: Kurupukari, is situated deep into the Essequibo River, about 331 km away from the capital city Georgetown. It also forms the northern boundary of the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve. Some of the best places for fishing are found here. Fresh water species found here include the Piranha, Pacu, Byara, Arowana, Stripped Bass, Peacock Bass and Himara. Large species of catch fish are also available here.

C) Abary River:

D) Mahaica Creek, Simoni Pond, Luri Creek,

E) Rewa River emanates in southern Guyana and runs north through primary rain forest to meet the white waters of the Rupununi River. The Rewa runs black and the lower part of the river is wide with high white sand beaches. About 60 miles upriver, near Bamboo Creek, the river changes and becomes narrower with rocky bars interspersed with sandy beaches.

F) Apoteri : a community in the Upper Takatu, Upper Essequibo region of Guyana, near the confluence of the Rupununi River with the Essequibo, at an altitude of 177 feet (53 meters).

G)  Rupununi Burro Burro River.


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GEOBASS’ videographer, Brian Jill explained, “We have gone all over the world on crazy adventures, but this is right up there at the top. The experience is world class and the jungle is the friendliest jungle we have ever seen.”

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