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Guyana’s National Park- A Joggers Paradise

Guyana’s National Park- A Joggers Paradise

The National Park in the capital city is a prime location for many events but nothing compares to its oldest pastime –jogging.
It’s a spot which is frequented by just about anyone ;the old , the young , locals , foreigners and even pets on any given afternoon , especially the weekends.
Jogging is an exercise which relaxes the mind , boosts body movement and more importantly , keeps the mind at ease. According to the UK Daily Mail , jogging in the park boosts energy and improves mood more than going to the gym! Why? Well because it is thought that being surrounded by nature encourages the mind to relax, while the feeling of escaping from the bustle of everyday life may help beat the blues.
And saving money on gym membership fees could also give many a reason to smile! The latter may be the reason why so many persons frequent the National Park at Thomas lands almost daily.
There are various types of joggers, according to what is seen in the park. There are those who jog and walk, those who jog the whole time of their stay and those who jog during the week, on weekdays when there are few persons .Perhaps the latter prefer the privacy of the park since it gives them enough time to jog without an audience.
On Saturday afternoons, many persons would frequent the circuit of the park, running, walking , gaffing , pushing the baby in the stroller or simply sit and chat at the many benches along the track. Whatever the case may be , there is no telling that the National Park is the place to be , when one longs for a simple jog .

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