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One dozen places to visit in Georgetown

I was born and grew up in Guyana’s Historical Capital City Georgetown. It was once called the Garden City and for good reason. It’s Whimsical Colonial and Victorian architecture, Stretch of seawalls and many Bandstands and Gardens  pay homage to our Dutch and English Heritage.

Visitors on a walking tour will enjoy the history, colour  and the vibrancy of Guyana’s capital city with it’s over 300 species of birds, music carts, street vendors and friendly people.

Although most of our visitors come to see Guyana’s Mighty Kaieteur falls and explore the flora and fauna for which Guyana is most famous, after enjoying their rain forest adventures, many venture into the city and trust us, there is alot to do and a lot to see. Here is our list of one dozen places to visit in Georgetown:

What’s there to see and visit in Georgetown?

  1. Stabroek Market: Completed in 1881 this historic cast-iron building with a striking clocktower is one of the oldest structures in the city. Inside, enjoy a day of shopping from the dozens of vendors displaying their wares.
  2. Guyana National Museum: Filled with artifacts, mementos, letters, stamps maps and more, Historians and anyone looking to learn more about Guyana’s history will enjoy a visit to the museum filled with hundreds of items of days gone.  Be sure to visit the Giant Sloth,  a 15 foot replica re-created from fossils found in Guyana.
  3. National Art Gallery (Castellani House): Housed in a beautiful colonial Style building with a colorful history all on it’s own, Castellani House is home to a grand exhibition of Guyanese paintings and sculptures from some of Guyana’s finest.
  4. Our Gardens:
    1. The Botanical Gardens and zoological park: Beautifully crafted Kissing bridges, Stone pavilions, palm lined pathways and dozens of tropical flora, including Guyana’s National Flower the Victoria Amazonica Lily come together to form this magical Fairy Garden. Also found inside the Botanical Gardens are the Guyana  National zoo and a recent addition the children’s petting zoo. (We recommend booking a Local Botanical birdwatching tour here as well)
    2. Promenade Gardens: Completed in 1853, this is a popular photo spot for bridal parties and anyone looking for a beautiful picturesque background. It’s the perfect spot for quiet picnics and relaxation.
  5. St. Georges Cathedral: Said to be one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings. Its spire rises over 132 feet
  6. The Lighthouse: This National Monument was first built by the dutch in 1817 and rebuilt in 1830 as a beacon to guide ships home, this impressive red and white stone building offers up breathtaking panoramic views of city and West Coast.
  7. The 1763 Monument: locally known as “cuffy Square” , this historical bronze monument was unveiled in 1976 to mark Guyana’s 10th independence Anniversary. It features Coffy/ Cuffy, a slave and National hero who led the 1763 Berbice Slave revolt.
  8. GT Seawalls: A 280 mile wall running along Guyana’s coastland. It’s a popular hang out spot for Guyanese, particularly on Sundays.
  9. Walk down main street: A walk down this tree lined street will give a visitor glimpses of Many of Guyana’s colonial Style buildings including the President’s residence.
  10. Parliament Building: Described as an Excellent example of 19 Century Renaissance Architecture,  it is one of two Domed buildings in Georgetown.
  11.  National Library: Constructed in 1907 , the original building was in the form of an inverted cross.
  12. Umana Yana: Umana Yana is an Amerindian word meaning Meeting place of the people. It was first constructed in 1972 and distroyed by fire in 2015. It was recently rebuild and reopened in July 2016

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