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Shopping for Greens in Guyana

We all have that one day or days during the week when we make a conscious decision to cook “greens” a term which most Guyanese would know signifies either cabbage, calaloo, bora, or pumpkin. The term “greens” has evolved over the years, from green-leafy vegetables to what is being sold at the markets today .

Once in the market the consumer is expected to peruse the vegetable stands, and the walking may depend on several factors including prices and the visible task of noting which vegetables look fresher than the other. Then there are those “drive-by” shoppers who merely roll –up in their vehicles and purchase from the vendor who is at hand-reach. This occurs mainly at the “Bourda Green”, that section of the popular downtown market which runs along North Road.

There is also a rush on Friday nights into Saturday morning at the Stabroek Market and the greens here are considered fresh since the trucks which transport them are usually parked in the vicinity, laden with stocks. La Penitence Market is also the place to be on Sundays, and the greens are always being sold at wallet-friendly prices.

The greens vendors are not only selling greens at the markets, including at Bourda. These days fruits are also on sale. A variety to choose from adds to the shopper’s convenience, especially those who partake in night-buying.
There are times when the consumer will consider other products as opposed to greens and this is relative to the weather and its effect on the cash-crop farms around the country.

This often results in the prices of some of one’s favourite vegetables being a bit beyond the pockets. But persons will tell, that rain or shine they must buy their greens.

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