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Surama Eco-lodge

Prepare yourself for a true Amerindian Welcome. Described by many as a true example of community tourism, the Surama Eco-lodge is located in Surama village, a small Amerindian community of the Makushi people living in the north Rupununi region # 9.

Accommodation at Surama Eco-Lodge is rustic, Natural but comfortable.  Set at the western edge of the main village, Surama Eco-Lodge is perched atop a meadow facing a thick forest wall, creating a perfect opportunity to view birds, monkeys, and even the occasional jaguar. The majestic Pakaraima Mountains, often shrouded in mist, rise above the canopy and strike a brilliant contrast against the pure forest air.

Other than the full-time lodge manager, the staff of our lodge is comprised of village residents who spend part of their week tending to the lodge and the hospitality needs of visitors. You will be treated like a guest in our home, enjoying food prepared by local villagers and getting to know the ways of our world as each day of village life passes right in front of your room.

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