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What is Liming

Why lime?

If you’re not from Guyana, you may be wondering why so much buzz about this whole liming thing.
Don’t worry; from resorts, creeks, nightspots and the good ‘ole’ seawall, you will soon get the hang of it. Liming to us has become a sort of ‘performing art,’ in which one lets their hair down, send their worries down some mythical river in our interiors and enjoy the fine art of doing absolutely nothing other than having a good gaff over a cold banks on some street corner.
Yeah buddai, whatever your interests and tastes are, we have a liming spot for you. Are you bookish but still cool? Choose from a number of cozy spots offering poetry or quiz nights. Are you outdoorsy and social? Then you won’t be able to resist our seawall. Do you have a knack for singing? If so, don’t hesitate to belt out “Electric Avenue” or your favourite oldies, rock or soca tune on a Karaoke night. Looking to get in touch with your soul? Enjoy a soak in one of the numerous “black water creeks”. Man, I can go on and on, but instead I’ll invite you to come experience it for yourself.
Here in Guyana, we don’t believe in doing nothing for nothing’s sake, we believe in liming for art’s sake. So the next time you’re planning a trip, choose Guyana; come lime with us and master the ‘art of doing nothing.’

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