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12 Childhood Games All Guyanese Kids Use To Play

hqdefaultOne thing people always talk about when reflecting on growing up in Guyana is how much fun they had as kids. Back in the day before mobile phones and Ipads our toys were the outside and our imagination, so needless to say that translated into endless hours of fun in the Guyanese sun.

Here are a list of 12 Games we played during our “Small Days” In Guyana

  1.  Sal out: Kinda like the game Simon Says
  2.  One two Three Red light: Similar to Simon Says.
  3. Chinee jump rope
  4. Gam: Like the game Marbles, but played with the seeds from the awara fruit
  5. Ketcha/Catcha: Like the game catch
  6. Hop Scotch
  7. Slate: Similar to marbles but played with Slate
  8. Bun House
  9. War break
  10. Bruk Neck
  11. Dog and the bone
  12. There’s A Coloured Girl in the Ring
  13. Cricket in the road

Tell us in comments what was your favourite game as a child.

  1. Hide the salami was my favourite when I played with girls.

  2. Played 9 of those games except bruk neck….not sure what dat is….I had a wonderful childhood.

    • Bruck neck is the game with the little thing inside this flower 🌺

  3. Dont for get !. Police an’ Thief (like ketcha), Horsee (one child on another’s back and charging into each other), The farmer in the dell (a ring game), and King fuh Lan’ (See who can keep from getting pulled from off the top of a mound).

  4. Whats bruk neck??

  5. Bat up & ketch, statue, hide & seek, dolly house

  6. Red rover, bun down house, here we go around a ring,

  7. Loved my child good in guyana too. Loved the game saul-out. One-tip-two -tip cricket too.
    Saul-out (not too sure about the spelling): a large rectangular box drawn on the ground with four inner boxes where they are divided by paths. The path are used for defence. A team of four tries to run through the boxes while a team of four defends the boxes. A team that runs through and back with out being touched by the defenders wins.

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