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Breakfast In Guyana….Marnin Neighbour Marnin

Breakfast in Guyana

If there’s one thing I can tell you for sure it’s that cold Cereal and milk definitely won’t be found on a list of Typical Guyanese breakfast foods. Guyanese diet was hugely influenced by economics and culture and being a historically Sugar Cane and Rice producing country meant Breakfast consisted of heavier fare. Bland is not a word you would use to describe a Guyanese breakfast. Bursting with flavour that will tantalize your tastebuds, our food, breakfast included, is a blend of spices and seasonings influenced by our six ancestral lines.

Here are a list of Ten delicious (and addictive) Foods you can expect to find on a “Guyanese” Breakfast Menu:

A) Pepperpot: This is a Typical Amerindian Dish made with various meats, Spices, pepper & the star ingredient good Cassareep (a byproduct of the cassava root). This dish develops flavor when left over a period of days and was actually made by the Amerindians as a way to preserve their meat due to lack of Refrigeration. It’s usually eaten with Cassava bread or freshly made homemade plait bread. This dish is usually made at Christmas time.

B) Garlic Pork: This is a dish influenced by the Portuguese. It’s lean pork picked in Vinegar, garlic, cloves and other spices and deep fried to crispy perfection

C) Saltfish and Bakes: Salted Banga Mary, Trout or Shark fried with onions, tomatoes stuffed in a soft , Fat, quick bread.

D) Boil and Fry: Boiled and fried ground provision (usually Plantains, Eddoes, Cassava)

E) Channa: Garbonzo Beans (channa) Boiled and fried. It’s usually eaten with pepper sauce or Mango Sour (a Type of spicy mango dip)

F) Puri and Sour: A warm flat bread filled with spicy fragrant dhal. It’s also eaten with Mango sour or Curry.

G) Bolanger choka and roti: Eggplant (bolanger to Guyanese) Roasted, crushed and mixed with garlic, onions, tomatoes.

H) Various types of Porridge: From Cornmeal and Cassava to Barley and oates a good Guyanese porridge is said to be the cure all for whatever ails you.

I) Plantain and Eggs: Fried plantains dusted with salt and served with scrambled eggs.

J)Pot Bakes: Sweet, heavy quick bread

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