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Indigenous Heritage Month

As the nation’s Indigenous people celebrate their rich heritage this month, people from all parts of Guyana have reached out to celebrate the culture and history of the Amerindians here.
Guyana is home to nine Amerindian tribes with the three main tribes being the Caribs, the Arawaks and the Warraus . Historically, as time persisted, the tribes have inter-married and today there are hardly pure tribal groups . But research has shown that Guyana is indeed a mixture of people, in which many persons are of mixed decent, including those who have a “pinch” of indigenous roots.
This month, communities all across Guyana celebrate their Indigenous heritage; from Yarakita in the North West District to Mainstay/Wyyaka in the Essequibo Coast, to Konashen deep in the South Rupununi.
It’s a celebration which has grown over the years, one which was first marked nationally some 12 years ago. Many may not know that the “heritage month “celebrations had its genesis in the annual August Games which is undertaken in the village of Aishalton in the Rupununi. It is popularly celebrated with a large turnout of villages which compete in various traditional and conventional sporting events.
Closer to the capital city, St Cuthbert’s Mission is usually the place to be on the last weekend of each September and this year will be no different as persons have already made plans for the festivities carded for the village.
We wish our Indigenous brothers and sisters joyful greetings this month and we celebrate the rich form of togetherness this month brings where all Guyanese celebrate with our country’s first people .

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  1. When is the Indegenous Heritage month in 2017 and what are the various activities and locations?

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