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Seawall lime

Close your eyes and imagine this: cool, fresh air whisking through your hair or gently touching your scalp; the sound of gentle waves and lapping water touching a shoreline; the sweet laughter of playing children; the spicy smell of a proper Guyanese BBQ (done on a half drum of course); the crisp taste of a cold beer against your lips with the sweet melodies of Reggae or Soca music filling the air. I bet this sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? On any given afternoon, this is the truism of Georgetown’s magnificent 280-mile seawalls, whose purpose has expanded from merely protection to one of entertainment and family fun.

Don’t worry about getting hungry; with an abundance of vendors always around, your stomach and body will thank you for freeing them from the hum drum of confined spaces and derivative meals.

If merely sitting on the seawall or walking on it is not enough for your adventurous spirit, then you should definitely slow down, breath and take a walk on our mythical jetty. There’s really nothing quite like it.

With all these things going for it, its no surprise that every Sunday, hoards of people both young old, turn out to lime on our famous seawalls where they can achieve a semblance of tranquility and unity with their families and friends.

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