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The KING is coming…Burger King that is!

Burger King comes to Guyana

Corum Group, the company which owns and operates Pizza Hut yesterday revealed that it has now acquired the franchise rights to Burger King and will be ambitiously launching its first location within the next 6 months. The company, led by a group of young directors who are currently overseas attending franchise meetings and training, revealed that it had been pursuing the fast food giant since 2014. The Burger King brand will offer a diversified product offering of chicken, burger, and dessert options. It will also include a kids meal and an attractive and affordable value meal. It’s unique flame grilled process is key to Burger King’s great taste. The first restaurant will see the creation of positions for at least 30 employees and each additional restaurant will employ around the same number.
The group is proud to be doing its part to create employment opportunities for Guyanese as well as friendly and safe dining options for Guyanese consumers. Corum group is confident that it will be embraced and supported by the Guyanese public.

Burger King

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