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Lake Mainstay Resort

Lake Mainstay Resort – A Striking Destination

Widely considered as one of the most outstanding locations to visit in Guyana, this naturally flamboyant realm will make you relish each and every second of your stay. This unique paradise is conveniently nestled in the Amerindian reservation of Mainstay/Whyaka Village in the County of Essequibo. It is as clear as crystal that there is a perfect balance between luxury and classy nature. Lake Mainstay Resort is elegantly unmatched for topnotch quality service with the horoshi restaurant offering the most scenic setting with views of the garden and lake. Having won many tourism awards, Lake Mainstay Resort strives for continued excellence in professional customer care. Due to its close proximity to the coastal zone the resort is easy to access. Tourists can drive from the Airport at Timehri all the way there next to their cozy cabin.

The lake is the main attraction for this resort due to its cleanliness and purity with its “white sand” shoulders. The therapeutic component in the water helps to get rid of the common cold and fever by those who consume it. The water (which is always warm) is always flowing and keeps supplying fresh uncontaminated water to those relaxing or swimming in it. It has also proven to make your skin appear visibly cleaner and fresher.

Activities saturate this destination to bring out that youthful vigour from each and every one of its visitors. Some of the activities include: jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, speed boating, biking in adventure trails, jogging through mainstay trail, water volleyball, beach volleyball, beach football, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, beach cricket, pools, darts and we can go on and on.

You can discover paradise in the ultimate destination for nature lovers by visiting us. Purchase an all-inclusive package today for only USD $95 per person. The package includes: Meals (lunch & dinner on the first day, breakfast and lunch on the second day), Accommodation for two days and one night, Transportation from Georgetown to the resort returned, Activities (except the jet ski & speed boats which are charged separately) and free entrance into the resort. This is an unbeatable offer that truly gives everyone an opportunity to experience the most enthralling destination in Guyana. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer and come on board and see for yourself that this is the most striking sight your eyes can behold!


Resort Features:

• Quantity of bedrooms: 70 (all rooms are air-conditioned)

• Resort Location: Lake Mainstay Resort is located on the shores of Lake Mainstay on the Essequibo Coast of Guyana. It is 15 minutes by car inland from the town of Anna Regina and next to the Whyaka Amerindian Village. Via the Anna Regina airstrip 5 minutes away from the Resort, it is a 20-minute flight from Ogle Airport. The overland route is from Georgetown to Parika then crossing of the Essequibo River via the ferry or speedboat and from Supenaam to Anna Regina

• Resort Type: Human comfort in harmony with nature

• Specialized Amenities: Lake Mainstay Resort has two spacious, purpose-built, conference areas equipped with audiovisual and other facilities for hosting business retreats, religious seminars, meetings and conferences. Both facilities are located in quiet sections of the resort and are fully air conditioned. The scenic surroundings of the resort also make an excellent location for beautiful weddings. The relaxed atmosphere is great for the couple getting married as well as their guests. It is also perfect for birthdays and reunions. The large Conference Hall can accommodate approximately 200 persons in a table setting and 400 persons in an auditorium setting. The combination of spacious, modern facilities, peaceful natural surroundings, and sufficient lodging and dining facilities make the resort an excellent choice for your seminars & conferences etc. This large conference room has the following amenities available: projector, podium, PA system, cushioned seating, free Wi-Fi internet access. Our smaller Conference Room can hold a maximum of 75 persons in a table setting and 150 persons in an auditorium setting.

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• Telephone Numbers: Georgetown office – 592-226-2975, the Resort – 592-771-4960/61/62/67/57/59/51

•Cell Numbers: 592-610-5144, 592-623-9888, 592-685-1895

• GT Office Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Mondays to Fridays) & 9 am to 1 pm (Saturday)


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  1. Is the water IN the lake clear and clean these days. We swam there and lots of black string looking stuff stuck on to our bodies…..otherwise environment was good

    e bathed there about 10 years ago befor itbecame popular

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