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Linden Blue Lakes

The trip to Linden, Region Ten’s administrative hub, is characterized by several upward and downward rolls along the smooth Linden/Soesdyke Highway. The destination –the Linden Blue Lakes.

Driving along the highway, there are countless scenes, lush vegetation and curves in the roadway but the turn off the highway and onto the roadway alongside Amelia’s Ward leads to the much-talked about Linden Blue Lakes.
But wait!
Is there really “a” blue lake or is there a variety to choose from?
On arrival at Linden, persons may inform that there are several lakes, but the one many venture to, especially on holidays or at weekends is the Blue Lake at Wisroc.

Here the road may be a tad tricky , the directions given by locals may vary but they all point to the lake between the sandy hills aback Wisroc. On arrival at the edges of the hill, the naked eye stares around for the lake. But one step or even two closer to the edges of the hills, leads to a mesmerizing, ecstatic, breathtaking view –the Blue Lake.
The water is a conspicuous blue, said to be the result of Linden’s aluminum history but take one step into the lake and the water presented is clear and bright, with the clayey bed of the lake clearly visible.

There are always words of caution for those entering the lake since there are deep parts of the waterway but the visitor can choose to relax in the water, cook a pot at its boundary or simply sip some wine at her banks. Whatever those choices are , the Linden Blue Lakes experience is one which stands above many site- visits Guyana has to offer. Enjoy!!

  1. Do you have organized tours to Linden ‘s Blue Lake.
    If so what is the cost, the schedule,and if is An overnight stay possible.
    Also would it be advantageous to include a tour to St, Culbert!s Mission.

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