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Ten dishes to try when in Guyana

If you’re a foodie then you’re gonna love Guyana. Guyanese food is influenced by our six races which means you will experience a range of delicious dishes rich in flavour, colour and spices that will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

Here are a list of dishes you MUST Try when visiting Guyana:
A) Cookup: You can choose from various types of this one pot dish¬†including Red bean, Black eye peas, Split peas or Callalloo. Try the vegetarian version or the “Full Guyanese version” made with coconut milk, Pig tail, and various meats and spices all cooked up in a single fragrant pot.
B) Pepperpot: Traditional Amerindian dish made with various meat, pepper, spices and Cassareep (byproduct of the Cassava root). It’s usually eaten at christmas time, but many creole restaurants serve it all year round.
C) Seven Curry: Traditional Seven Curry is Served in a Lily Pad Leaf, usually for weddings or other special occasions. Curries include: potato, pumpkin, dahl, katahar, achar, calaloo, and eggplant.
It is eaten with rice and your hands!
D) Metemgee: A soup like dish made with ground provision (cassava, plantains, eddoes, sweet potatoes) cooked in Coconut milk. It’s served hot with fried Fish.
E) Katahar Curry: Katahar is a fruit with a meaty texture. It’s usually enjoyed as part of a traditional Seven Curry at Hindu Celebrations.
F) Saltfish and Bakes: This is a typical Guyanese breakfast food. Saltfish fried up with tomatoes and onions served with this fluffy quick bread.
G) Fish Curry with Mango: Guyana is well known for it’s fresh fish and upon setting foot “back home” Guyanese visiting from afar can’t wait to dig into spicy curried fish, including Banga Mary, Butter fish, Gilbakar or hassar .
H) Chicken Curry with Dhal and rice: A Guyanese Favourite. Try it with Achar (a type of spicy condiment) or with Coconut choka (grated roasted coconut mixed with various spices)
I) Chowmein: Chinese influenced pasta dish with a local flare.
J) Guyanese Chinese Food: You have to try it for yourself…but it’s often described as the best in the entire Caribbean.

  1. I am of Guyanese decent and live in California, USA, where can I get recipes or what is the best book to purchase

  2. You dont need a book ..just go and buy things, have a stove, and COOK. Not everthing in book.

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